Escape Rooms

Did you know that escape rooms are perfect for corporate team buildings? An escape room has several other names, including puzzle room, escape game, or exit game. Typically, an escape room is a game whereby a group of people, mostly a team, solves predetermined puzzles to achieve a specific task. As the name suggests, the participants’ mission in this game is to find a way out of the room. All this happens under a specific limited timeframe. This article gives a synopsis of how to participate in an escape room game.

The game’s overview

To participate in this game, you have to be in a team of between two to ten players. The games incorporate a wide range of fictional settings like space stations, dungeons, and prison cells. The aim is to uncover clues of escaping from these settings. Apart from escaping from the rooms, the game also entails other missions where your team may be required to look for a lost item like a piece of gold or complete an art heist.

How to escape

To successfully escape from the mysterious room, you may need to expose clues, solve tricky puzzles or crack tough codes. The exciting part of the game is that your team’s rate of solving these problems determines how closer you get to your target. Remember, the clock is ticking, waiting for no one, so your team has to quickly analyze the room’s themes like paintings, patterns, or even books on the shelves.

For instance, all you may need to escape from the room is a numerical code on a piece of paper under the rug. These numbers may be the combination required to unlock the door. If your team does not figure out how to get the code, the time may elapse without achieving the goal.


Escape Room is a game that helps improve mental alertness and the ability to think critically and faster. We learn that a combination of teamwork, creativity, speed, and patience is significant to achieving our lifetime goals through this game. The game is therefore ideal for corporate team building and family vacations.

What are Escape Rooms?